The authentic traditional ryokan on Miyajima island

Momijidani Miyajima Hatsukaichi-city
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Itsukushima Shrine & Miyajima


Tour on Miyajima island,
one of three most scenic spots in Japan
to your heart's content

Itsukushima Shrine has 1400 year history, is registered as World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO, and is an old shrine located on Miyajima, one of the three most scenic spots in Japan. The Shrine was built by Taira no Kiyomori (Shogun) in the hope of prosperity of his clan. They thrived by believing the island itself as a god. Beautiful buildings on the sea are in the style of court nobles' houses in the Heian period. They make wonderful scenery merging into nature.

History of IWASO and Miyajima

IWASO inn is constantly watching
over the history from the late Edo period.
 year history

Founded in 1854(Ansei first year)

People used to worship Itsukushima Shrine and the sacred mountain from the ship on the sea. Momijidani Valley is located just behind the Shrine, which is at the foot of the sacred mountain(object of worship) with an inexhaustible clear stream for all the seasons.

Tourists are attracted to the photogenic change of seasons such as energy of fresh green leaves, coolness of stream, autumn leaves, and the silence of winter. Enjoy Momijidani valley and Iwaso which have been walking through together on this island.

Detached 4 one-storied Cottages built in 1900's (Taisho to Showa era)