The authentic traditional ryokan on Miyajima island

Momijidani Miyajima Hatsukaichi-city
Hiroshima 739-0522

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Taste the natural seasonal features at Iwaso.

Chef's thoughts put in the dishese

Our chef cultivated traditional Kaiseki of Kyoto style for years.
He creates tasty dishes with carefully selected fresh seasonal ingredients and subtle master techniques.

We would like you to have the delicious dishes in the best condition. Enjoy our meals with all your five senses.


Seasonal dishes


Our dinner consists of fresh seasonal food from both of the sea and the mountain. You can enjoy it in a restaurant or dining room.
Enjoy variety of seasonal local ingredients such as oyster and conger eel, carefully prepared and beautifully presented dishes in our dinner course.

Winter seasonal food of Seto Inland Sea
Oysters of Miyajima


The season of Miyajima oyster is winter.
The flavor gets better as the temperature becomes lower and lower, and reaches the peak in February.
We serve oysters in various styles such as grilled, vinegared, and deep fried dishes.



Healty breakfast to start a day


Healty breakfast to start a day.
'Koshihikari' brand rice produced in Hiroshima prefecture is served at breakfast.
Steamed fluffy rice, miso soup with original broth, big hot Japanese omlette and grilled fish.

Please enjoy the healthy breakfast.



BREAKFAST                   8:00am to 8:30am 

Restaurant ‘MOMIDI’       1st Floor Shinkan annex building

About specific dietary requirements

We can accommodate meal options such as vegetarian, gluten-free, allergy conscientious, kids semi western dinner and so on.
Specific dietary requirements must be received at least 7 days prior to your arrival date. We are not able to guarantee any requests without advanced notice.
Feel free to contact us at

< NOTE >
1. We are not able to accept requests such as glutamine (MSG) free meals, and we cannot cook authentic Japanese cuisine without kombu dashi (kelp-based stock) or kinoko dashi (mushroom based stock).
2. Alternative menu will be our chef's 'omakase', guests cannot choose ingredients.

< Severe allergy >
Allergen-free dishes are prepared in the same kitchen. It may be possible for tiny amounts of allergens to be included in allergen-free dishes during a cooking process.
In the case of guests whose allergy symptoms are severe, we are not able to make any preparations for guests. Upon confirming the content we mentioned above when you use our facilities, we kindly ask that the final decision by made by guests.