The authentic traditional ryokan on Miyajima island

Momijidani Miyajima Hatsukaichi-city
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170 years history
Iwaso inn constantly watching over history

since 1854 (late Edo era).


History of IWASO 


People used to worship Itsukushima Shrine and the sacred mountain from the ship on the sea.Momijidani Valley is located just behind the Shrine, which is at the foot of the sacred mountain(object of worship) with an inexhaustible clear stream for all the seasons.Tourists are attracted to the photogenic change of seasons such as energy of fresh green leaves, coolness of stream, autumn leaves, and the silence of winter.Enjoy Momijidani valley and Iwaso which have been walking through together on this island.

Detached 4 one-storied Cottages built in 1900's (Taisho to Showa era)

Hanare Cottages are detached one-storied Cottages built in 1900's (Taisho to Showa era).

Craftsmen's designs can be felt from the detail of window, lattice, alcove post and so on.
Located in and blend in to Momijidani Valley's scenery. They are the rooms to enjoy clear water, green and the silence of the valley.

 3 minutes'  walk  from  Iwaso



              World Heritage

               Itsukushima Shrine

From ancient times, people have been feeling aura by the scenery of Miyajima, and they believed the island itself as a god and an object of worship. The main shrine was said to have been constructed in 593, the 1st year of Suiko emperor's era).
In the years of Taira no Kiyomori, it became the place for worship for his clan. And the shrine was built in 1168(Ninnan 3rd year).
Such composition of shrines in Heian era style makes fine architectural landscape.

The scenary of mountains in Momijidani Valley and the Shrine in the sea is beautiful beyond compare. Building the Shrine was one of the most important works of Taira no Kiyomori, and it represents the properties of Heian era.

Itsukushima Shrine is the existent symbol of Japanese culture and history. It is always a scene lives in the hearts of Japanese people, with the people's devotion from ancient times, worship from the powerful people of the time, and the rare architectural style.


World Cultural Heritage
Miyajima, one of the
most scenic spots
in Japan



Miyajima has been registered as World Cultural Heritage since December 1996.
Miyajima is a beautiful, historical and romantic island located in the Seto Inland Sea. It has been worshiped as 'an island of god'.
Harmony of natural and man-made beauty makes your walking enjoyable.