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About stay and rooms

Q. When do you start taking bookings?See answer
We accept direct bookings by E-mail only from 1 year in advance.
From when cancel charge will be incurred?See answer
Cancel charges will be incurred from 3 days before your arrival.
3 or 2 days before…30%
1 day before…50%
Day of arrival…100%
No show…100%
Do you offer special rates for children?See answer
We can offer child rate for children under 11 years old who are sharing a room with 2 or more adults.
0 - 1 year exclusive: JPY 540 (No meals and beddings)
2 - 6 year exclusive: 50% reduction (Dinner will be Only Children's meal)
7 - 11 year exclusive: 30% reduction (2-3 dishes will be reduced from Adult's dinner)
12 year or older: Adult rates apply
Do you have single rooms?See answer
We don't have single rooms, but we may be able to accept single use for some dates. However, it depends on individual conditions. Please consult in advance. Please note that extra charge will be required for single use.
Do you have non-smoking rooms? See answer
All of our rooms are non-smoking room.
Smoking is not allowed in our buildings. Designated smoking shelter is located near the main entrance.
Do you have western style rooms with beds?See answer
All of our rooms are Japanese traditional style. Folding beds are available on requests, but please book it when you make reservation. Number is very limited, and we can prepare only 1 bed in 1 room.
Do you have rooms with private Onsen?See answer
We do not have rooms with a private onsen bath.
2 Cottages(SHUKINTEI,SENSHINTEI) and SHINKAN rooms have private bathrooms but they are not Onsen.
All of our guests can enjoy our public onsen bath in SHINKAN building.
Is it possible to order a birthday cake?See answer
Yes, we can prepare optional birthday cakes and flower arrangements for celebrations. Please consult with us in advance.

About meals

Q. I have food allergy. Could you accommodate special arrangement for meals for me? See answer
Yes, we will do our best to accommodate your request. We will replace specifically indicated ingredients with other things. However, please understand that we cannot offer 100% allergen-free meals..
We would like our dinner and breakfast in our room. See answer
We serve your dinner and breakfast at the restaurant.
Dinner and breakfast will be served in a private dining room only for guests who stay our cottages.
I would like to book a room with bed and breakfast.See answer
We can offer some reduction for removing your dinner. But please note that on this island, restaurants opening until late night are very limited. Or please check the ferry timetable if you are planning to have dinner outside of the island. We are afraid that we cannot add your dinner on your arrival date.

About hot spring and bathing

Q. Is it possible to make a reservation for private Onsen?See answer
We don't have private Onsen, so you cannot reserve it. Please enjoy our public shared bath.
Can we use the Onsen only?See answer
Unfortunately, use of our Onsen is limited for our overnight guests only.

About facility

Q. Is Wi-Fi available in your facility? See answer
Free Wi-Fi is accessible in guest rooms and some public spaces of our facility.
Do you have a bar or lounge?See answer
We have a lounge area with sofa for resting. But we don't serve beverage in that area. We can introduce some nearby bars if you would like to go out for a drink.
Q.How is the accesibility for people with physical difficulties?See answer
Unfortunately, our facility is traditional style old buildings. We don't have universal design rooms. Our Onsen is on the basement, and the only access from 1st floor to the basement is stairs.
We reccommend SHINKAN rooms for people with physical difficulties. They have private bath in the rooms, and you can access from 2nd(Lobby) to 5th floors by elevators.

About access and parking

Q. Is car parking available if I drive to Iwaso?See answer
Our car parking is available for free. But please check the ferry fare for cars. And please contact us in advance so we can guide your car in the island as the roads are very narrow.
Is there pickup service?See answer
We can arrange free pickup at Miyajima port. Please call us and let us know the departure time of your ferry.
FAQ , Frequently Asked Questions ?See answer
We are plannig to arrive by airplane. Is it possible to ask for pickup at the nearby airport or train station?See answer
Our free pickup is only available in Miyajima island(from Miyajima port to Iwaso). If you would like to make reservation for Taxi service or chartered cars from airport or station, please contact us in advance. We will check the availability with taxi company.
We are arriving late night. Until what time can we check-in?See answer
Please check-in by 7:00pm. Our last dinner time slot is 7:30pm, so if you are arriving after 7:00, it will be very difficult for us to prepare your meals in the best condition. Also, please note that ferries are not running so often after 6:30pm.


Q. We are likely to arrive before check-in time. Can you keep our luggage before check-in?See answer
Yes, we can keep your luggage from anytime on your arrival date. Please call us and let us know the departure time of your ferry. We will pick you and/ or your luggage at Miyajima port.
Could you keep our luggage while we are out for sightseeing after check-out?See answer
Yes, please ask us when you check out. Free shuttle bus and luggage delivery service to Miyajima port is available, too.
We would like to join the night cruise.See answer
Please ask at front desk. We can check the availability and make a booking for you. Reservation in advance to your arrival is recommended as sometimes boats become fully booked.
I would like to send my suitcase to the next hotel.See answer
Delivery service is available with optional fee. Please bring the address and phone number of next hotel, and front clerk will help you to send the luggage. Note that normally it takes 2 days to be delivered.
Are rental bicycles available?See answer
No, we don't have bicycles to lend you. There is no company on the island offering the service at this moment(March 2016).
Can we make bookings for massage?See answer
We make bookings for you. Available 7 - 10pm. Please consult at front desk, and we will offer the arrangement for meal time and massage bookings."
Is laundry service available?See answer
No. We are sorry, it is not available in our Ryokan. Irons and ironing boards are available for lend.
Can you lend me cell phone charger and adapter?See answer
They are available at front desk with JPY 1000 deposit each.
Do you offer guided tours on the island?See answer
We don't offer them, but we can make appointment with official guides of the island or Hiroshima city for you. Please consult in advance to your arrival. Early reservation is reccommended for English speaking guides.
Are there convenience store and ATM near Iwaso?See answer
There is no convenience stores on Miyajima island. There is an ATM at the post office in the shopping street. Exchange is available only at the bank on the shopping street.
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