Iwaso originated as a retreat
for passersby

History of Iwaso

Iwakuniya Sobei, the founder of 'Iwaso' Inn in Miyajima who observed the busy market for a month before and after Kangensai (the Orchestra Festival held on June 17 by the lunar calendar) and requested permission to open up Momijidani (presently Momijidani Park) from the local magistrate's office. Permission was granted and he proceeded to build a bridge across the Momiji River and teahouses serving refreshments for visitors resting along the river.

Thus, Iwaso was founded.
Iwaso is an abbreviation of Iwakuniya Sobei.After the foundation of the inn, it became popular with many visitors and it was rebuilt as a modern Japanese style hotel just after the Meiji area(1868-1912). Since then, many visitors have come to love the relaxing atmosphere of Miyajima.

History of Iwaso


Became a Ryokan for relaxation
located in a national park

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Number of
Guest Rooms
38 rooms(5 Honkan rooms, 29 Shinkan rooms, and 4 Hanare Cottages)
Capacity 100 guests
Check-in 3:00pm
Check-out 10:00am
Parking Free(5 vehicles)
Facility Vending machine
Banquet hall 'Kangen'
Conference room
Restaurant 'Momidi' View details
Onsen public bath (indoor bath and open-air bath for men and women)

<To guests planning to arrive late>

Please contact us if you are arriving after 7:00pm. If we don't receive any contact by 7:30pm, your dinner will be served with
different conditions from the standard way.

Please note that your reservation will be automatically cancelled if we
don't receive any contact by 8:00pm.

Honkan/ 2 storied-building built in early Showa area View details

Number of
Guest Rooms
5 rooms
Capacity 20 guests
Facility bathtub / shower…NO   toilet…YES / Wi-Fi

Shinkan/ 5 storied-building built in 1981View details

Number of
Guest Rooms
30 rooms
Capacity 100 guests
Facility bathtub / shower…YES   toilet…YES / Wi-Fi

Hanare/ build in 1924 - 1952(Taisho to Showa area)View details

Number of
Guest Rooms
4 rooms
Capacity 17 guests
Facility bathtub / shower…YES(2 room) …NO(2 rooms)   toilet…YES / Wi-Fi
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