"Iwaso" inn constantly watching over Miyajima since1854.

Iwakuniya Sobei, the founder of "Iwaso" Inn in Miyajima who observed the busy market for a month before and after Kangensai (the Orchestra Festival held on June 17 by the lunar calendar) and requested permission to open up Momijidani (presently Momijidani Park) from the local magistrate's office. Permission was granted and he proceeded to build a bridge across the Momiji River and teahouses serving refreshments for visitors resting along the river. Thus Iwaso was founded. Iwaso is an abbreviation of Iwakuniya Sobei. After the foundation of the inn, it became popular with many visitors and it was rebuilt as a modern Japanese style hotel just after the Meiji era. Since then, many visitors have come to love the relaxing atmosphere of Miyajima.

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At Momijidani you can experience the feeling of becoming one with nature and enjoy seeing
crimson maple leaves of fall, the cherry blossoms of spring, and the fresh green leaves of early summer. These are characteristics of the seasons in Japan.
We are located near Itsukushima Shrine, a world heritage site. You can enjoy beauty of Japanese seasons and sightseeing during your stay.
Miyajima has a "World Cultural Heritage Site" and "One of Japan's Best Views"
Miyajima, considered as one of Japan's best views, was registered as a world cultural heritage site in December 1996.
Miyajima, located in the Seto Inland Sea, has been worshiped as a "divine island" since ancient times and is rich in history and romance. You will appreciate the harmony between the island's natural beauty and the architecture's man-made beauty which was designed by Taira no Kiyomori, a powerful lord in the 12th century.
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We look forward to welcoming you to Iwaso.